"Cheetah " brings new life to the Beloved uncle Johnny's

Uncle Johnny's 2022

A Chance to Give Back

"The experience I had on my Southbound hike was lifechanging. I knew very soon into my hike that I wanted to be part of that amazing experience in some way for the rest of my life. Contributing in any way to a hiker's experience on the AT is beyond rewarding to me. My aim and hope is to provide a comfortable place of rest, solid options for resupply, and some fun. I know what can be helpful during those few hours hikers have to reset before moving on. Enjoy your journey and be sure to stop in."

With a big storm approaching from West, spent an easy day hiking through mist and rain to arrive at Hawk Mountain Shelter, 8.1 miles from Springer.
A New Era Begins
Arrived in Erwin, TN and spent a couple days getting a head start on my ownership of the iconic hostel, Uncle Johnny’s.
Drew, myself, and my roofer team tear into Uncle Johnny’s hostel and start an impressive effort to fix things that have needed attention for a long time.